How do you do Dating when you live with your parents (and your date likely does too)?

The thing is that due to my countrie's culture (dominican Republic), people usually get their own home either when they have to move somewhere else due to a job, or when they get married. Specially true now with the actual economy.

i have read and heard ton of advice talking about how the way to go is: evening dates, then your house or hers, with seems pretty logical if you live by yourself, its the most private place to take someone, its your/her territory. This equals privacy, comfort, and the possibility of earning trust... But this is not plausible if you live with your parents.

to make matters worst, im kind of new to dating, a late bloomer, just recently (24 years old) i made the decision to actively search and date, i have always been a shy guy with no game, and slowly i have been becoming more social. A personwith more street smart, experience and game usually can handle this kind of scenario.. I mean, other guys who are doing better than me in this area are in my same situation of living with their parents.

what would you recommend?

note: i'm interested in both casual and serious dating, depending on the girl (just any attractive girl is appropiate for more casual dating, not being picky there... But serious dating is a much more serious matter where i thinks its good to be more selective)


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  • Ask your parents how they did it. If it's your culture then your parents had to have gone through the same thing right?


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  • It's the same in my culture, we usually don't move out until we're in a real serious relationship. Lucky for me my family is usually scattered all over so I live alone more than half of the year. Saves me money and I get privacy.

    I think you just gotta be up front and try not to worry about it too much. A reasonable girl would understand.


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