Army Boyfriend Dilemma. Should I just wait until he comes home?

My boyfriend has been stationed in Germany and I met him when he came home for leave last summer. We hung out a couple times with mutual friends but never alone. We kept in touch and a few months after he went back and a couple weeks of him asking, we started dating. He works every single day and never has much free time (or at least thats what he's told me) so we rarely get to talk which is fine, I knew it would be that way when he asked me to be his girlfriend. We Skype whenever he gets the chance which is about 30min every week or less. The last time we skyped we had to stop because he said his connection was bad but it was perfectly fine. He also convinced me to get a facebook which i really didn't want to do but i did which was a mistake because now I can see when he's online. He'll be online for hours and won't text me. I don't expect him to constantly text me, i wouldn't even want that but maybe once in a while would be nice. He never texts me first which i dont mind either because i think its stupid when people make a big deal about texting first but he literally never does and sometimes after i say hi he'll say "I was waiting for you to text me". why didn't he just text me? I just feel like if he loved me (which i know he doesnt) as much as he says he would put more effort into the relationship. Should i just wait until he's done serving in August and see how things go because i know long distance is usually different and he's stressed out probably. Or is he just not that into me?


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  • If he comes home in August, see how things work out if you'd like to.
    It seems like you two don't know a lot about each other since you were only dating for a couple weeks before he left and Skype never worked out so you couldn't really keep in touch.
    But you also say you know he doesn't love you. If you truly feel this way, then end it. Honestly, there's no point in investing your in someone who doesn't love you.

    • your time*

    • Thanks this helps. I've never had a boyfriend so I don't really know if I'm expecting too much but I feel like he doesn't care about me or the relationship at all and when I confront him about it he just says nothing is wrong.

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  • if you keep facebook up but aren't there it says you're online. also id say wait til he's done serving to see how you guys really hang out together as bf/gf. i would have waited til then to start dating exclusively anyway.

  • How exactly do you even consider this to be a relationship?

    • is it really that bad?

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  • If you know he doesn't love you. Why are you with him?


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