Can anyone make sense of this?

OK so here's the scenario, girl enjoys sex and orgasms from it yet only wants it max twice a week. She says she just has a low sex drive. When we have sex, she won't go on top and pretty much will only do missionary. She doesn't talk sexual or act sexual and its like she isn't enjoying the actual "act" just the feeling. She much prefers oral and orgasms from that but here is what gets me, every now and then she asks if she can sit on my face (she asks it in a way like it makes her a weirdo) and when i let her (i love it) she gets off on it like crazy, more than anything else. If she is not a very sexual person and doesn't enjoy the actual act of sex etc why would she get off on sitting on my face so much? is there something im missing here?


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  • She sounds like she has some sexual fantasies that she has in mind. She may not just be into that basic missionary crap. Go wild with her. She sounds like she can do anything. Just get her consent. Plus she hopes that she's not coming off as being a weirdo to you.

    • You could be right about the fantasies but nah she def doesn't want other positions, she doesn't seem to want sex just oral? Even though she orgasms from both.

    • Mm maybe she likes being the dominant one, so you act on her enjoyment. She sounds like a Mistress kind of.

  • Sounds like she's comfortable enough to admit to liking that. She my just be shy and reserved. And my guess is that sitting on your face is a fantasy of hers


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