This girl shows all the signs of a crush, but yet confuses me and herself prob to?

So this girl is/was showing me all the signs of a crush. I've looked on the site and internet and everything matches. Too make sure i wasn't reaching i asked my friends to look if i didn't hallucinate. They only confirmed the crush theory. So i gave it a shot, and started hitting her up. It became clear everywhere, she was looking for me etc... So she wanted me to go on dates with her i accepted. But the last one is where the rollercoaster started come into play:
she kept talking about this boy in her workplace, whom she said was an ideal father figure for her kids, after i said i hated his head and his looks (just based on how he looked). Than she said she didn't need a relationship atm. The week before i told her clearly if she wanted one with one of "us". She said that would be no problem etc...
Than she kept saying how she loves a guy like me, starts confessing she does feel intimated/dominated by me. How she saw me as the leader, she asks me about my views on her behav etc...
Everything is going so good again, we keep laughing and vibing. Until that boy from her workplace keeps running circles around us, and talkin to her. Im annoyed and she is too lol. She than says i like it when boys give me distance like you can do. She drops me off at my station, and then again starts talking about this boy the same thing and also about the relationship
It confuses me, and my friends tell me she is either testing you or being weird/insecure and just needs your attention.
I ignored her, until she hit me up again after i posted something on fb, hitting me up with double kisses when i dont send none. Im confused and she may be aswel? What to do and what does she want?


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  • i'd go wid she likes u MORE than this other guy. there's still a small interest towards this guy from her side i believe. mostly she likes him as a "father figure" as she said... but beyond this, there's no further interest in my opinion.

    u can tell she likes u more than him by wot u did... u ignored her and she's tryin reachin u. which is very good actually

    • yeah bu the no relationship thingy is what bothered me... cause in those days i ignored her she asked me a question about a dress for a party and i told her which one. On the pictures later i saw she was wearing the dress i said she should.
      But why would she even mention him than lol.
      I mean i saw this dude, and gave a comment about him and how i htought he would be like and than she started all this convo-ing about him

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    • i'd say there's no need to forget her... she actually likes u i beleive

    • well yea i was even sure maaan, cause the days leading up to this date. She was getting so fucking obv until she said that.. I mean she was always obv but still

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