Am I Wrong If I Do This?

Okay, I'm a 20 year old girl, and I've recently reconnected with a guy I met my freshman year of high school, about 7 years ago. We've both acknowledged the fact that we like each other and wish we could do something about it but he's in the Military so he's been in Japan for a year now and still has 2 years left. He will be back in 3 months for about 2 weeks and we've talked about hanging out when he comes back but we haven't made plans yet. Anyway, we were talking about how many times we've "hooked up" and I said that I'm still a virgin and he said he wasn't. Which got me thinking about what would happen if he and I hooked up. I mean, we're both adults who like each other. I guess I'm just looking for opinions as to whether or not I'd be wrong to hook up with him if I know we wouldn't be dating since he's in the military for the next 2 years.


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  • Why would you be wrong? A hookup is just that, so if you decide for it you know what you're getting yourself into, even if that includes losing your virginity in that way.


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  • If you decide you want to do it, there is nothing wrong with it, unless of course you start expecting more from it.


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  • No not at all. If you like him go for it!!!


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