I feel like ill never get an attractive girlfriend?

what are you supposed to do when you feel hopeless to ever getting an attracive girlfriend? t might be becasue im not attracive but i have an unattractive friend who gets all the girls becasue of his personality. the only girls who have ever like me were for my personality, which feels great, but im not attracted to the ones who like me. in my class, there were 2 girls who had a little interest in me. one of them was not hot but was kinda cute, but has a hunch back, and is socially awkward and is more desperate for friends and people talking to her becasue she's a loner girl. she's really strange and has lots of anxiety and make me feel uncomfortable at time with the strange things she says. i considered dating her, thinking i couldn"t do any better, but then she told me she does cocaine so i sorta just friend zoned her. it made me feel like i had no chance of getting a normal girl, who is hot, and who likes me. and there was another girl in my class, who was really hot. i talked to her, and we hit it off great. i know it was my personality and confidence that got her to respond well to me. she laughed at my jokes and seemed into me. she was really good at keeping the conversation going and i liked her a lot. she wasn't aqwward at all. after a couple days i asked her out on a date. she said yes adn i got her number, but never replied to any of my texts or voice mail. so now i know she only gave me the number becasue it was easier to just ignore me than tell me upfront whethere she's interested or not. this has happened before with hot girls i ask out. if im lucky enough to get there numbers, they ignore after. it makes me feel that a somewhat cute, socially aqward, hunch backed, cokehead girl who is just plain weird, is best i could do. i know i might be shallow, and i know its personality that matters the most, but, i still find it hard. how do i deal with this? i notice that the girls who like me are usually unatractive physically, and personality wise, while the few girl that i find attractive personality-wise, are usually just too good looking to wanna date me


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  • First of all, If you find someone who has a personality worth loving, then their exterior shouldn't matter. Their social class, appearance, height, money or lackthereof, and anything else that happens on the outside.
    Now, about the hot girls- It seems like you've had some luck with them before in person but haven't had luck when you've texted or called them. You should check phone habits before you make assumptions, hers and yours- Do you text literately? Are your voicemails about anything in particular or do they make you seem desperate? Is she always on her phone, or does she rarely check it? It could be miscommunication, not rejection. Don't give up hope on that!
    It sounds like the girls that like you don't seem to strike your interest, but you've talked to them before and haven't had completely terrible conversations. Have you ever thought that maybe the hot girls felt the same way about you? I mean, not to sound rude or anything, but maybe they see you as more of an option rather than a gem, and trust me- If they don't treat you like you're the only guy for them, they're not right for you.
    And lastly- Don't give up hope! Your profile says you're seventeen, and I'm sure the future will hold many girls for you that are super excited to meet you and be with you.
    (also ps. just a heads-up, while girls usually won't protest to being called hot because it's a compliment, it's also a really objectifying term and dehumanizes women, so if they ever hear you calling them hot they may think "oh, how I wish a boy would call me beautiful regarding my heart rather than hot regarding my body!")
    Hope this helps! xoxo


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  • Wow, she does cocaine? That escalated quickly.
    I don't understand what happened with the "really hot" girl. Didn't you see her again in class?

    Just talk to more cute girls dude. Talk to every cute girl you see, and feel free to be selective.

    • I never saw that "really hot girl" again because it was the last day of a 2 week course in summer school. So I'll pretty much never actually see her again.

    • Well, then that as an unfortunate situation. Try to avoid those.

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  • Babe to be frank you just gotta be you and wait for the right girl. She's out there for ya. If you really want girls to like you, maybe put more effort into your appearance, but if thats the only reason a girl is into you: Drop that bitch on the side of the road. Just by reading this I can tell you're a deep person, try to let that shine through. Also summer is all about the chance to reinvent yourself so do something unexpected and a little crazy. Maybe change ur style. Hope I helped -Kisses - B

    • Thanks! what makes you say that im a deep person? i never thought of myself like that before.

    • Well hun, The way you talk it's just inspiring as hell so yeah babe you're deep.
      Kisses- B

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  • you gotta let that personality do the work and just keep looking, get in better shape if you can, every little bit can help to make you more appealing. I've dated women out of my league before and I just treat them like a normal person instead of putting them up on pedestal. Its tough at that age because you're still learning. Don't settle but keep going. Sometimes its a numbers game before you run into a good one.

  • I felt that way for a while too man. It's hard to get over, but you can do it. Just give it time