How do I act in this situation?

There's this guy I texted about a week ago. I just said hey friend and stated that It was friendly. I knew he had a girlfriend or assumed so anyway. And he does. I didn't think I would really care if he did... boy was I wrong. He told me all the timr in middle scool and high school that he really liked me. However moronic me stayed with my ass hole ex. Of course he has moved on I expected that. I assumed that the feelings would have gone away and that he would talk to me when he had time and his girl more. But he's not. He texts me mostly after I initiated it. He says things like if i were single I would love to be with you. And things such as I would do anything to keep a smile on your face. Im trying to make myself not fall for him. Really I am. I'm trying to make those feelings disappear.. and get them out of my mind keep telling myself he has a girl. But then the thought of why does he say all these things to me. It makes it so hard! I don't wanna talk to him this way or i do but not if I'm not his girl. She deserves to be talked to that way! Part of my brain is like we'll it'd be a great story If you did fall in love we were part had dated different people then we met again and it would be history. It sucks I don't want to think that. I don't wanna be that girl crushing on another girls man. I haven't talked to him face to face in a while so I tell myself maybe he won't find me attractive and stop texting. Someone tell me how do I make all this go away I love texting him it's great to have a guy friend to talk to. Help 😧


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  • First of all why did you message him in the first place and second why you keep messaging him if you now know its affecting him?

  • I am assuming since you said you were friends that is why you texted him. If he texts you more and wants you to respond that is a sure sign he likes you. If he still says he wants to be with you after all this time and he has a girl then he must have something stuck in his mind about you. I think it's AWSOME you don't want to be a girl who ruins relationships. Need to be more like you.


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