Does she like me? Or is she just being nice?

I asked this girl out the other day. This is what she said:

"Yea sure! I'm super busy this week though cuz I'm working and I'm actually going away for the next two weeks so maybe after that?"

We started talking during a school trip. We hung out and exchanged numbers afterwards. We talked/texted/snap chatted a lot afterwards. I'd see her in school and whenever she walked by me shed smile and wave hi.

But ever since summer started, I obviously didn't see her as often and the momentum started to slow down a bit. We didn't text or snap as much, and she would rarely respond if I tried to.

But I called her the other day and asked if she wants to hang out sometime and got that answer above^

I've been wondering lately since we've been kinda distant if she actually likes me and wants to hang out or if she's just being nice



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  • She is not interested, otherwise she wouldn't have played the "busy" card


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  • She was nice


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  • She seems to want to be your friend.

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