I'm I the only one who s sick of people saying You'll find the right person soon?

OK enough is enough of this You'll find the right person soon BS. That's what it is BS.
People who say that only tell ugly people that so they can think/believe there's someone
out there for them. Guess what there isn't because if they were meant to be with someone
it would of already happened. I know because I'm still a virgn at 30. So please no more
of giving false hopes. dreams to people who have no shot in hell of dating.


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  • Yes I am so fucken sick of that BS being said all the fucken time to me. The truth is some people actually never end up finding someone. I am also so fucken sick of people automatically blaming the single person, it is not always the single persons fault and also people saying you need to be patience well I am 32 and single and still looking for a girlfriend don't you think that is being dam patience. Some people just say BS to shut you up.

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    • You deserved it. :)

    • Yep I talked the truth and not BS. :)

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  • I am one of those ugly people and I am happily married... So, "you'll find the right person" is not B. S., but only if you keep looking. Instead of whining about it on the internet, go out more and you'll find someone, or at least lose your virginity, if it bothers you so much.

    • Trust me if you were ''Ugly'' you wouldn't be married? And besides your a female you have it
      100% easier then most men even ugly ones such as myself. Nice try though.

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    • And you're stupid for bring him up and yet can't even admit how short and fat you claim him to be.

  • I'm not. I do believe that there's a good chance that I'll find the right person for me. It actually helps me be more positive about it.

    • But your a female you can look like road kill and still get someone.
      I'm not that lucky.

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    • @Asker
      I've known plenty of unattractive women. Life is just as hard for them, if not harder given the premium on female appearance.

    • But even so those unattractive women still have it easier then men like me.

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  • I don't believe that it just happens magically for anybody, no.

    I'll tell you this, though: most people are fully capable of improving themselves, thus making themselves more dateable.

    I do realize that not everyone starts from the same place--denying that would be very naive of me--but my point still stands.

    • I'm willing to bet you don't have trouble getting women? Its not like that me or
      guys like me no matter how hard we try.

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    • Of course it is, man. But you are capable, even if you don't know it now. :)

    • Why this wasn't voted MHO is a mystery. To the point and very accurate.

  • I don't tell people "You'll find the right person soon."

    I know a number of people my age who are still virgins, so I don't believe that everyone will find someone. Not by a long shot. My aunt went to her grave at 89 years of age a virgin who never knew the loving touch of a male. My friend with FAS is just a bit younger than I am and he's never kissed a woman and is likely to die that way.

    I do tell people that they should do whatever they can to make themselves more attractive to the other sex. In most cases, people can improve their appearance.

    • Exactly why tell people that when the other person knows its not true. by the way what is FAS?

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    • I still don't get I'm a little slow in the head. Never mind.

    • OK, I'll answer the question for myself.

      I do not believe a giraffe fully knows what it's like to be a zebra, and vice versa.

      Along those lines, people who aren't in your situation don't know what it's like to be in your situation. But also you don't know what it's like to be in theirs. Try not to be so hard on people for not knowing what it's like to be in your situation. People who have an easier time finding a mate don't know fully know what it's like to have a harder time finding a mate. They can't fully know because they're not in that situation. Just like a giraffe can never fully know what it's like to be a zebra. They can intellectually think about it, but they'll NEVER fully know unless they're in that situation themselves. Since they have never been in your shoes, you can't fault them for not FULLY understanding what it's like.

  • Agreed. Count me in sir!


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