Please help a clueless man?

So my one and only sweetheart’s birthday is coming up the 3de of and I need ideas on what to do for her as well as gift ideas. If you have any thoughts on this please share them?


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  • You are doing it right my friend. I know a guy your age that married my sister and she left him two months after because she discovered he was cheating on her with hookers. Keep doing you, thank you for not cheating.

    Now I think you could get her something like a Pandora crown/ tiara ring, all girls eat that stuff up. If you have any inside jokes write them on little notes. Write every reason you love her and put them in a jar. Get her an album from her favorite band, or if she downloads them then get her an iTunes gift card. Maybe take her out to dinner and give her the gift there. Plan a whole day out for her.

    Those are some suggestions for you 😊


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  • I don't know your girlfriend, so I can't give an accurate advice. I'd suggest buy her flowers (preferably the kind she loves), maybe some jewelry depending on your finances (don't overdo it, women like surprises, but they don't have to be expensive). Take her out to dinner to a place she likes. Maybe, if eating out is not an option, cook a meal she likes at home and have a candle-light dinner together.

    • hi thank you for the reply. finances is not a problem but i think that a candle light dinner is a bit more intemate. what is your take on that?

    • If she's special to you and you two are close, why not make her birthday special? But it was just a suggestion. Google some romantic ideas and get creative! Good luck.

    • Thanks a lot it helped

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