Crazy ex-girlfriend, help?

My boyfriend and I have been dating for quite sometime now and everything is going great! Except... one of his "ex-girlfriends" keep trying to get in contact with him through social media and trying to get his number. It was an online relationship, they have never met before in person, and he didn't even consider it a real relationship. She constantly spams him asking him why does he ignore her or what is he doing or spams him with sexual stuff such as her masturbating, etc. . She tried getting me to break up with him and told me all this bad stuff about him yet she goes and says to him she loves him and wants him back. I've told her off three times and called her out on her BS yet she still won't back off! He blocks her on all social media sites and her number but she creates a new profile to contact him AND he has told her to stop but she still won't. We don't know what to do, any advice or ideas?


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  • hi i would get a a restraining order or a simular document at a attorney. this is one of the first sign of stalking. stop it before it gets out of hand.


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  • It sucks when something like that happens. He (and you) may need to go under the radar off of social media for awhile. She'll get tired of it sooner or later and move on. I had something like that and had to delete my FB and recreate with an entirely new identity.

    • Yep that's what I would do -- dissappear for a bit, she'll find someone else to harass in the meantime

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