Why do I feel like this?

So I have this amazing girlfriend but the other day a girl from hogh school texted me. Made it clear she was bein friendly. However, I told her that I've always cared for her and that she never knew how much I liked her. I would do anything for this girl. I told her that I hope I would have a chance If I were single she responded said yea you would have a pretty good chance but that she had her chance with me and missed it and my girlfriend was the lucky one now. So she doesn't want to split us up and cause a huge rucus. I respect that but I just don't understand why I feel like this about this girl when my girl makes me super happy as well.


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  • It's the exciting forbidden territory.
    You're excited because the one you had a crush on, fessed up. It's suddenly mutual. You are engulfed in joy and think about the things that could possibly be... if only you were single. Which also means = "DAMMIT, I HAVE A GIRLFRIEND NOW! WHAT DO I DO WITH HER?"

    Your options are:
    1) Cheat on her: just to know you click with your old yummy crush!
    2) Go major: Break up with your current girlfriend and take the new joyride with your oldie. Wheee!
    3) Be the sado-masochistically inclined honest guy: Tell your girlfriend that your crush showed up. ( = you want to see the weird pained expression of your girlfriend being knocked down by your reality, and then maybe comfort her.)
    4) Bear the burden: Accept your present, and your past. Your current reality is that you have a girlfriend who cares about you and whom you care about. That is your present. Does this mean that every girl you ever had a crush on who came to you and fessed up for a chance with you, you'd break up with whoever you are just for a taste of an old newness? If things are working for you as is, why do you wanna mess it up? Unless you're a messy person who loves chaos, drama and disruption in their lives Wooooooo.

    Ask yourself who do you love and who do you like and what's it gonna be for you - like vs. love. Keep no regrets in your pocket and ask for no more.

  • I think anyone if they're highschool sweetheart came along again would be infatuated with them all over again. Its normal but you need to remind yourself that even though you liked them a lot then youve found someone else and youve changed. Chances are you are better off woth your current girlfriend rather than her - but being friends is fine I guess


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