Had an argument with the guy I was seeing... What do I do now?

So I've been talking to/ hanging out with this guy for about a month now so its pretty new. For some background, I'm only in my city until the end of August (he knows this) so its a super casual thing but I've been having fun.

Now we last hung out on Wednesday. My birthday was Thursday and he knew this. There's no doubt in my mind that he remembered but Thursday comes and I go about my whole plans for the day and he had not contacted me once. I knew he was on his phone since we have each other on snapchat and I could see that he was viewing my posts (which made it clear it was my birthday too!).

So I'm out with my friends at 11:30 PM and he calls me. I pick up, obviously unimpressed, and he says Happy Birthday finally but I was a b! tch about it, pretty much just asked why he would say it so late cause I knew that he knew. He tells me he wanted to make it cute and be the last to wish me happy birthday...

I got off the phone cause my friends were bugging me but we kept texting and I just told him it was dumb of him and I was honestly just annoyed all day that he was basically making it about him and purposefully playing games so that he knew I'd be on his mind (you know, wondering why he hadn't messaged or called me yet). We haven't talked since that night (we both said we'd talk on Friday) but yeah no words have been exchanged.

So what should I say to him now? It's kind of awkward but I don't know I'm not that angry since i never took this situation to be that serious. Do you think a phone call would be easiest to address this and smooth things over?

Thanks in advance!


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  • This is just an idea... just call or text him to hang out and act like this never happened. He will most likely remember his choice and the consequences that followed, thus causing him to never do that to you again.

    This situation will most likely not be relevant and quickly forgotten within the coming weeks. Talking about this situation together or even thinking of it while you're with him will make things between the two of you pretty awkward.


What Girls Said 1

  • He is full of shit. If a guy really likes a girl he should be taking you out for your birthday. He shuld have been the first one texting or calling to wish u a happy bday. Kick him to the curb girl.!! U can get someone else or ask urself should i allow a guy to treat me this way,? Im 41 as of yesterday... it was my bday. Married for 12 years divorced now 1 year. I am meeting all kinds of guys. And most of them are full of BS... my motto in life now " if u can't treat me right u can't have me!" have that same motto for urself. Dont let any guy treat u that way! Screw him... honeslty, he didn't want to take u out and spend money on u. He is not worth ur time. Move on... good luck!!

    • I mean I get this viewpoint but we aren't ever going to date like I said this was very casual so I didn't really let this be a reflection of my self respect. If I had feelings for him and was trying to date with the goal of attaining a relationship then yeah I'd never talk to him again but pretty much my standards are low since its not really about that. It's more of a friend situation, we haven't even had sex. We're just enjoying each others company for the summer

    • with all that being said, if you still feel like I should drop him then let me know

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