Why are they so mean to me?

I work in a busy kitchen where everyone tries to ''take'' the lead, there are no clear ground rules, everybody makes them up. Working in this kind of area is extremely stressful. The women at my job are mostly friends and i tried being nice and asking but they still always find something im doing wrong in their eyes or they mistrust me or think i can't ''handle'' making pizza s on my own when im just fullyy equipped as they are.

They talked behind my back today to our boss saying that im not ''listening'' to them and that they are frustrated that ''they'' have to do everything (BULLSHIT) they left me with a messy kitchen and i tried doing my best (and i wasn't having a good day either)

So i confronted my boss because he was being unreasonable and I confronted both of the girls and they didn't dare to say it to my face. This job is giving me a headache and the people always try to make me feel like im stupid and can't handle simple orders. The place is a MESS literally... am in the wrong? if i ask them whats going on and ask for clear communication they just roll their eyes or don't say anything.


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  • Fuck the lemons and bail. Ultimately when you show up to a place and realize most of them are assholes it ain't gonna change, so start looking for something else and once you've got another job you can hand in your notice. When they ask why you can choose not to burn your bridges and make something up, or (if you know it won't bite you in the ass) tell them you're leaving coz they're assholes and you're gonna go work somewhere with cooler people and for more money. ha!

  • Go above your bosses head and tell his supervisor, regional director, or whatever that your boss is being discriminatory. It's his duty to make sure the work place is cohesive and with own door policy, problems like that are supposed to be addressed but instead he doesn't seem to give a damn. The worst that can happen is you lose your job only to find a better one.


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