What does you seemed to get attached quickly mean?

I'll admit it I did get attached quickly but I don't want a relationship I'm at a bad place right now but I want her in my life. We had a great first date, I kissed her and we planned a second date when she texted me after the first date which was 10 minutes after we parted ways. We would text everyday and then she ignored me one day and I got worried and messaged her back. I think it was a test but anyways she told me I got attached too quickly and that she doesn't want to give me false intentions. I told her I'm ok with friends (knowing that more coul develop). She said we don't have to text everyday which I agree. I've just been busy with no work due to my injury and I have nothing else to do. I'm going crazy hence not ready for a relationship. This girl and I hit it off really well and I got attached quickly or at least she thought I did. She's also the type to get attached as well. She and I met online and all she wanted before we even talked was to date but nothing's serious. However our chemistry was off re charts. Is it possible I came on to strong and that's why she's backing off by rescheduling our date another time. She canceled it saying she's got family issues. Now she can't make plans that far in advance. I think I'm overthinking it and I myself am sure she's interested but she's scared for two reasons 1: I came on too strong and she usually gets attached too quickly as well and 2: she's been hurt in the past and she has always fallen too quickly and then been hurt and she wants to take her time getting to know me. Please help me out


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  • Well if you're in "a bad place" at this point in your life and you're sure that she's interested but you think she scared for the reasons above then you need to ask her if she's scared. I don't think this is a matter of seeming to get attached quickly... I simply see this as two people who are very drawn to one another. If in fact you two are on the same page.

    So here come my questions...
    A) Have you known her long?
    B) Why haven't you asked her if she's afraid?
    C) If you met online, surely you have contact info to get in touch with her. So why not ask her how she feels?

    • Oh yea you mention an injury and no work and being busy with nothing else to do... you also mention going crazy... what is making you crazy? Does she know all of this also?

      Sorry a barrage of questions

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    • I would text her all the time and I think it overwhelmed her and scared her and out pressure on her and if you can't understand that hen holy fuck!!!

    • Nice👍

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