Girls, ladies, when getting to know a man romantically in the beginning. What are some of the signs you show to keep Him interested?

Currently taking it slow with my crush. Yet I'm starting to feel she lacks interest. All opinions welcome.


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  • it depends. Like delaying texts is something I tend to do to make it a bit more difficult for a guy but when I ignore and give constant blunt replies and make excuses not to see him a lot then yeah, that shows a lack of interest.


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  • If I'm interested in a guy, it will be obvious. I don't like mind games. I'm more of a direct and straightforward person. However, I realize that not all girls are like me so if you don't know if a woman is interested in you, gauge her interactions with you. When you contact her, does she respond in a timely manner and seem enthusiastic in her responses, like she really wants to talk to you? Does she flirt at all or make advances towards you? If you really don't know, I would just say to ask her directly. Tell her you really like her and ask her how she feels. That way, it eliminates the possibility of any confusion, this is why I prefer to be direct about my feelings when I like someone.

    • Thank you... I just needed confirmation on what I already know. You do have a point, every female is different.
      My crush and met on a social media site. After chatting about a month she gave me email. Then a month later her phone number. I thought I was in (hope) but it she seems further then ever. Anyways from my experience a female will make the attempt to keep you interested if she feels your slipping away. Thats where I'm at. I feel like I'm slipping away. And she not there making sure I don't run. Anyways it's been a5 days since I heard from her. Fuck it move on to the next.

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    • Doesn't that seem a little needy and insecure. She said she wanted to get to know me and she wants me to know that. Somehow questioning her and her actions dont seem right. Like i doubt her word? I'm not looking for instant love or auto relationship. I personal told her I wanted to take it slow and get to know one another. No need to rush, she agreed. But as I said once the phone number came into play things became a little more distant. This doesn't make sense.

    • No, it's not "needy" to ask someone directly how they feel. Lol It's better since you won't spend half your time guessing anymore. But if you don't want to do that then fine. If she doesn't respond to your texts then I think you can assume she is no longer interested.

  • playing with hair... laughing at your non funny jokes

    • Non funny jokes... that's right. She sure does that. Anyways thank you much. Wish me luck.

    • sure!! all the best!! may the odds be in your favour!! and hope you get the best if not her ;) take care

  • Of she is still interested and it is still early stages then she should be flurting with youbif she is interested - making eye contact, smiling, touching you.


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