What is the best way to ask a girl I'm dating to give me back money she borrowed from me?

so, i have been seeing this girl for 4 months and she borrowed money from me supposed to pay back last week.. i wanna ask her to pay back but dont wanna seem to be like im cheap or any of that.. she borrowed a big amount not couple hundred dollars.. is it better to ask by text or wait until i see her in person? and how should i phrase it?
thank you..


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  • Tell her "I've been having some financial difficulties lately, so about that money you borrowed... "
    The situation you're describing sounds kind of fishy to me though.

    • do you think i should wait until i see her in person on Thursday or just do it over text now.. im waiting to get my money to break up with her so what do you think i should do? over text or in person?

    • Text her and tell her to bring the money in person.

What Guys Said 1

  • Ask in person not over text or on phone but honestly you will probably never see that money again. She "borrowed" but since you're dating she will act like you just gave it to her and will probably think of you as a cheap ass if she actually gives it back

    • well, she borrowed them to give the money to her dad she is getting a check from work that pays half her school which equal to the amount she borrowed which is like 2000$ and she said i will transfer the money to your account Thursday but now she is out of the country until Thursday.. i defiantly regret doing that but i felt it would be great from me to help her out until she gets the check from work... and if i gotta wait until i see her, how should i ask her like whats a good way to phrase it?
      thank you

    • Just ask her casually. But this sounds a little fishy... She flew out of the country right after you gave her 2000$? Are you sure she gave that money to her dad? And what kind of person asks for such a large sum of money after knowing them for only glue months...

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