Boarding school where you're supervised? How to deal with it?

Ok so here's the deal, I'm being sent off to a boarding school and I want to know sneaky ways to have some time Alone if I get a boyfriend/ girlfriend there. Like not sex yet because I think I'm not ready for that but other things.. What are some ideas?


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  • Them schools are in control of you so it's hard to say how you would have free time to meet up with a partner ,.

    • Yeah I know..

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    • Thanks.

    • Your welcome :D :)

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  • Are you by any chance being sent off to boarding school for behavioural problems?

    • Why?

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    • I thought so. Anyhow, probably not the best idea to begin thinking of ways to start flouting the rules even before you get there. I imagine military school is next.

    • Thanks for your opinion. I got in on scholar ship full ride it's usually 100,000$ a year and my mother just died and my father, well he's just he can't be in the picture and the only other place for me to live is with my aunt and she wants me to try it out first. I also do have some minor behavioral problems.

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