Should I leave my boyfriend?

He has always been very close to his family until I come along. What happened is his family are Americans and I'm an international student. They think I only use their son for a green card. He argues with them saying we actually love each other and that I'm not using him. Since then, he doesn't like being around his family anymore. I love him a lot and it hurts me what I've put him through. Now he doesn't even like his sister (he used to be very close to her and he loves her a lot). I'm not using him for a green card, but because of me his family is arguing all the time. I love him and I want him and his family to be happy. Should I leave him? Because if I don't this situation won't stop...


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  • Leaving him won't make him happy.
    His happiness lies with you.

    His parents are being parents (they are trying to be wary of the situation).
    But they are not helping, they are causing massive destruction if any.
    They need to learn to give input and stand back.
    They have to let him live his life and make his own mistakes.

    They aren't doing this.
    That is where the real problem lies.
    It isn't with you.

    If he were making another choice in his life that they disagreed with.
    The outcome (arguing, resentment and separation) would be the same.
    Leaving this situation wouldn't fix anything.
    This problem will always be existing (no matter the situation) if they don't let their boy grow into a man.

    • It hurts me too not just him. Whenever I see them it hurts seeing his parents think I use him when I love him to death. I don't wanna have to deal with this all day. He might not be happy now but for awhile he would forget me and maybe have a new girlfriend hopefully she's American or else same thing gonna happen again :/

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    • Once a week approximately and they keep asking when will I transfer to another university (we're in college that's where we meet).

    • Are u around them the entire time? If not , try to make the best of the time u both spend together. Don't let ur relationship revolve around what his parents think of you.

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