If he still thinks about you after a breakup.. should you call him?

We dated very briefly about a year ago and it ended even quicker when he decided to stick with the other girl he was seeing. So I bowed-out gracefully even though I knew I was falling for him. They ended up breaking up a couple of months later and due to the fact that we have mutual friends, I have been told that he still thinks about me all the time and feels like he blew it. Well, I had no idea because we haven't spoken since he dumped me but I think about him too. Sooooo... Why doesn't he just call me? Do you think I should call him? I don't know what to do! :/
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Are you sure you want him? Won't you feel like his sloppy second? What if she comes back into his life?

    • Sloppy seconds? Um, no. People make mistakes.

    • @Asker Please don't be offended. I was not stating your worth in general, just from his point of view...

    • Why would he consider me sloppy seconds? It sounds to me that he regretted being in a relationship with this girl after the fact and broke it off with her shortly after. If he still thinks about me after a year of not talking or seeing one another than I take that as a compliment. The question is.. does he have the guts to come after me again? If not, is he secretly hoping I will just reappear into his life?

Most Helpful Girl

  • Whoever told u that he is still thinking about u should tell him to make the first move
    He dumped u previously for another girl and now when he's got no one and feels lonely all of a sudden he wants u?
    Dont fall right back to him at least make him work for it


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What Guys Said 2

  • Think it this way. Vote A is like 100% something will happen and Vote B is?% something will happen. You could do the A and find out or do the B hope that something will happen. Regret of things you never did is worse than for the things you did.

  • Call him or else you'll be running in circles. Obviously he still cares about you, if you call him, he'll be the happiest man on the planet. He's still nervous what YOU think of HIM..

    • I had a feeling he might be thinking that I'm holding a grudge or something.. but I'm really not. i wish he would call me because I care about him a lot. What would I even say?

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    • Total bliss or total heartache? There is no certain answer either way. This is what I'm dealing with :/

    • You'll never know till you try. You miss 100% of the shots you don't take..

What Girls Said 1

  • Call him and talk to him about this. It is better to find out the truth from him.

    • How would I even begin a conversation like that? :/

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