Puzzles what should I do and what does this mean?

Hey guys and girls, this guy and I were texting one another til late last night and towards the end of his text when I asked his weekend plans are he said: maybe to your city too :)... Ttyl :) And in my reply I said just let me know and text me tomorrow and so far he hasn't texted me and that is fine since he said ttyl. Is he planing on coming to see me or not? And should I leave the ball in his court and not text him.. Or should I text him and ask what the scoop is? As him and I talk almost everyday. Sorry to be dumb with this question and I told him just to let me know the scoop.
And in both of his texts from fri and today said ttyl busy at work or I better get back to work ttyl. So how long should I wait in that case do you think the time I said previously is enough?
Whoops sorry guys and gals that wasn't any update to my queation lol


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  • I think you should wait and let him text you back since you was the last one to text back. If he doesn't reapond in a couple of days, then maybe you should send a follow up text to see whats going on with him.

    • Thank you for your answer... As I came to the conclusion on my walk early this eve. That I am going to give him a couple of days to respond (like wait til Thursday or Friday) and will see what's going on with him...
      As he said maybe than he said the name of my city too :) than said heading out... Ttyl.
      As he didn't say he was coming to visit for sure like yes or no. And I said to let me know if he does. p, after I sent a text that I felt dumb asking question like why? And what bring you to my city and blah blah. Are those dumb questions?

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    • I think it's wise... No?

    • Yeah its smart and a good idea to not respond quickly to text. I agree that way you don't look desperate or anxious. Yeah that is true. Sometimes those machines are so hard to fix that it forces you to get another one. Well I hope you get one for a good price. The combo ones will be nice.
      Your right I don't think an ex would plan a trip with another ex if they still didn't care or didn't have feelings. Or even do those other things like talk on the phone text or even commenicate a lot. Or even flirt on their own. Yeah Saturday sounds like a good idea to tell him about you not being able to go on the trip I agree you should go with the flow in this situation. Yeah lol. Also waiting to text is good. I think waiting to text him when you prepare supper is a good idea. That kayaking on the trip sounds like so much fun. I agree the best part of the trip is not having the ex no where near you guys.

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  • Don't text him. Wait till he texts you back.


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