Does he seem genuine?

So I met this guy about a month ago. Cute, sweet, funny, and an amazing artist. We went on a date a few days ago and watched a movie at his house last night. Well, maybe after an hour or so, we got into a really heavy make out sesh. He was gently choking me and pulling my hair. *he asked me if it was alright with it and I said yes, so it was COMPLETELY consensual* Afterward, he said it was it was a sneak preview of what to expect if/when we have sex. Then he said that if he ever did anything before I was ready and made me uncomfortable, all I had to do was tell him and he wouldn't do it. He also promised he wasn't trying to fuck me over and just use me for sex. Then later when my mom came to pick me up, he came out to the car and introduced himself, which gave me the impression that he wanted things to become serious at some point. So, I guess what I want to know is what it send like his intentions are? He seems genuine and I think he really cares for me, but he mentioned sex kinda early and I don't want to be naive.


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  • ah glad to see u r not naive. anyway he made a bad start though even if u agreed u r alright by chokin u and pullin yer hair. and by preview he meant probably he's a dominant, or maybe a sadist. so i guess during sex it won't be just a gently chokin/pullin yer hair... but a tougher one.

    yet comin out and introducin himself might be a good sign he's actually interested. i'm afraid he's interested but sex's his #1 priority as it seems


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  • I agree with you with one thing, @danirock85, 'He mentioned sex kinda early,' but with you being his Enabler and Allowing him to do it during the flick you were making amongst yourselves, I didn't see you so much being 'Naive' but Perhaps... Easy to please in his own eye.
    The 'Make out sesh' got heated and he was already pointing out kinky things that you agreed with and with you both being 'Completely consensual' here, dear, You may have given him the Impression that on your Next Date... It was a sneak preview.
    He is aroused now like a hungry lion who has been tantalized with a sweet steak. And making some promises with the heat of this passion that looks like there may be More in Store the Next time, he is being this sweet gentleman to make a good Impression on you And... Mom. For now this shut the lion's mouth with him finding you Agreeable so he is Showing... A tame side that could be deceiving.
    It could go either way, as they say. If you give in with your second time, he may just decide to Use you for a Good time and Nothing 'More' in Anything with no strings attached. However, if you become your own straw boss and tell him, should this get too Hot, that you feel it might be best to know one another better because you think enough of him and are showing respect for a nice thing that has gotten to A... Good point here, he could get a Better Impression of you that you want to take things slower.
    It's your choice and your call and one never knows with someone whom they really don't know very well With... Petting and possible mixed vibes without nursing and nurturing First.
    Good luck. xx


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  • First of all, all relationships lead to sex. I'll never understand why women are so reticent. News flash, guys ask girls out with the intent of sex. That being said, two people should get to know each other first, but back to your question, it's too soon to tell if he's genuine. Good luck.


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  • He doesn't sound like he is a bullshitter, but then again you can never be sure.

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