Girls, asked this girl out on fourth date, her response "This week I'm all booked, going on a trip this weekend, maybe next week.", is it over?

She is a client of mine. She asked me out in march for lunch. It was a nice lunch, we both spent time talking about each other. I few days later, I ask her out, no response.

She comes to my office a few months later, with coffee, flirting with me, asks me out to some event. We both attend the event, have a good time, have a good conversation.

I ask her out for lunch the next day I run into her. We have a great date, lasts 6 hours. She kept saying how much fun she was having etc. She also mentions she just came out of a bad relationship and had felt there was no one out there for her etc. Overall though, after lunch, she suggested we go for drinks. I drop her off to her place, she gives me a kiss on the cheek.

Next day, I ask her out for dinner. I get a response 3 hours later "You know I love hanging out with you, and I would like to go to dinner with you, but I also love working with you and I dont want anything to compromise that" I said cool, I agree and left it at that.

A month later, I text her happy birthday. She adds me on facebook the next day. We text back and forth, I ask her out to lunch. We have a good lunch, this time 2 hours, because she had to go to her friends BBQ after. I buy her chocolates, she kisses me on the cheek. Next day or so, we text back and forth.

She tells me how people at the BBQ wanted her chocolates, and she told them not these, and "get lost". Flirted a bit for 2 days, I ask her out the 2nd day. On a Monday night, around 10:30 I ask her if she wants to have dinner at this place on Wednesday or Thursday. She doesn't respond till the next morning at 11 am. Tells me she is all booked this week, and going away on the weekend, so maybe next week. I say cool no worries.

I haven't texted her since. She hasn't texted since.
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Also, to add. After our last date, she texted me 15 mins after "Thank you so much, you're a sweetheart, thanks for the chocolates".
As a follow up question, should I text her next week?


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  • She likes you she's just a little cautious because she's had a bad experience and she doesn't want to have another on, especially one that could effect her work. Just keep at it, she seems to enjoy your company and conversations (otherwise she wouldn't of said so and wouldn't of text). Text her, the more time she spends with you out of work the more she's gunna picture the possibility of a relationship and if you act cool at work and act as if, you seeing each other (like you have been doing) isn't going to effect your working relationship then you should be fine. just keep behaving as you have been doing.


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  • It sounds like she likes you, but she's gunshy for a bunch of pretty good reasons. Text her next week and see what happens.

  • I think there's a chance she just doesn't want to mix work in with her personal life

    • Do you think she is thinking about it?

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    • Well, we went out after she said this.

      I dont know, I hope not. I know she doesn't wanna stop working with me, and neither do I.

    • Well then you should just tdxt her and keep trying. Sooner or later i think shel come around and get over her work/personal life mixing together. Good luck

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