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So I started talking to this guy months ago and then we were starting to get close, make out, get intimate and he always told me he liked me a lot, but never asked me out yet. Then when i stopped talking to him for a few weeks, he hit me back up saying he missed talking to me. And then everytime i kept the convo simple, he'd actually keep writing me first everday, putting in the effort. Then in the end he told me he didn't wanna be in a relationship with anyone. Now this guys one of those Spanish guys who always hang out with his buddies, sometimes smoking weed and whatever. But what I wanna know is that in the time period where he was putting effort it, what do you think was going through his head?


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  • I think he was playing games and from the begging he didn't want nothing serious. His behavior shows this when he said he liked you a lot but never asked you out. If he liked you as much as he said then he should had proved it more. Yeah he put in some effort but he could had did better.

  • whoa u mentioned he was smokin weed right? u know this might affect his mind.. and mess up his words... so wotever he says might not be 100% accurate


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