Why do black guys get jealous of white guys with black girls?

Any black girls out there experience such jealousy?


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  • Who? Never witnessed this jealously.

    • I have a black girlfriend, and the comments I receive are worrying, plus I like to watch YT videos about BFWM, and black guys say they're bedding with the enemy.

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    • No, black men who think it's bad for white men to date black women. I just don't hang out with guys who think like that I guess.

    • Well, stay awesome. Black girls are amazing. :)

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  • I think there is a minority within all groups who are like this. There is this jacked up mentality that everyone who shares similar ethnic backgrounds should stick to their own. Just walk proudly side by side with your girlfriend and don't let it get to you man.


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  • Guys of all races don't like it when a female of their race or ethnic background is dating outside of that race or ethnic background of course this doesn't apply to every guy of any race

  • Same reason white guys get jealous of black guys that date white women , the same reason why black women get jealous of black guys with non black women, the same reason white women get jealous of white men with non white women. Don't generalize and make it seem like black men are the only ones guilty of this.

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