I have a cursh on a guy with a girlfriend?

just to give you some background, i´m 20 and he´s 22. So i met him at the gym. He started to talk to me, and we started to filrt. Right from the start i could tell he was attracted to me and i was too.
Everytime we see each other at the gym, we chat a lot, we have lots of chemistry. We eventually started texting. Then i found out he has a girlfriend through social media (They have been together for about 5 years now, and she is studying aboard in another country), but i kept replying to his texts cause i was hoping he was in the middle of a break-up. He never told me about his girlfriend and never brings her up when we talk, but i have; and i have, in some ways let him know that i won't be the other girl, and so he has become sort of distant now. He texts me but not as frequently.
The problem is i want him so bad, i want to be his girlfriendand cause i really feel like he is the one, somehow, the more i get to know him the more i like him, he is basically everything i´m looking for in a man, and i know for sure he feels the same way about me. He asks me for advice on problems he has, and we have talked about religion, politics, economics, marriage, and lots of important topics, so i feel like we have conected on a deep level, he even asked me to go to the beach with him once, cause he needed some time off, apart from everything since he was feeling stressed (cause he´s an entrepeneur), to which i said no beacuse he has a grilfriend but he keeps implying that it will eventually happen, under different circumstances.
So the thing is i won't be the other girl, but on the other hand i don´t want to let him go, cause i feel like this is the real deal. What should i do?


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  • i'm afraid he's a player sorry. first of all he never mentions about her. which's really really bad... he should be honest about havin a girlfriend, so he won't give u any fake impressions. and this beach side sounds kinda "scary" if u ask me... guess u know y he wants a date THERE.

    sorry but i believe he just wants u as his side-chick since his gf's abroad


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  • You should forget about him.


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  • Lol you think its the real deal but he has a girlfriend if he not serious about her and he chatting you up behind her back what makes you think he serious about you?

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