Girl won't text me back after I apologized?

So I've know this girl for a year now (we re 17), and finally told her my true feelings. She said she felt the same way and we went out on 4 dates... So she texted me the morning after the 4th date saying that she just wants to be friends. Keep in mind that this is the first girl I ve dated and had feelings for. I got really mad at her because she did it over text message which I felt was cowardly. She told me that she was going to tell me face to face on the 4th date but decided not to. I got really mad at her and called her a "coward" and said other mean things.. I realized I acted off emotion at the time because Keep in mind this is the first girl I ve ever dated. I realize I shouldn t of said those things. And sent an apology text two days ago. And another today. She unfollowed me on Instagram and she s not responding. I really need closure to this and don t know what to do. Keep in mind this is a person I care about and do want to be friends with. I just acted off emotion


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  • You should try calling her instead of texting or go to her house and tell her you're sorry. And if that doesn't work just give her some space


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  • She unfollowed you on Instagram, there's your closure.

    • That was before I sent the text apology

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