Do you think I took it to far?

Ok so we planned this event two months ago. So to take it back two months ago we were at a competition I was in for horses. So my girlfriend and her family were invited to it. So we learned that there was a concert that was happening for today. So we told her parents and they were alright with it. So yesterday she told me she wasn't feeling good due to her disease she has. So she was supposed to rest these two days due to it but she told me today that she was going to a party with her family. So I feel hurt and sad about it. Don't get me wrong if I would have known about it a couple of days in advance I wouldn't mind as much but it still isn't right since we planned this before they knew about the party or her parents would have told us. So I just want to know if I am taking it far with my emotions.
She actually didn't want to go but her parents forced her. I am not hurt or mad at her it is mainly her parents, but when I told her that it isn't right for her parents to force her to go when she didn't want to. She felt sad and mad. Because I can tell she is mad at me still.


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  • No, the way you feel is completely justifiable.


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  • it makes sense to me bro.
    u'll see y... u said she was ill right? concert would be very loud for her. and a "party wid her family" sounds a very laid-back one... since family's included. so in order to not feel bored she decided to go to this party.

    basically u should appreciate she was honest wid u, and she didn't hide anything


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