I don't know what to do with him anymore?

My boyfriend and I live a long way apart. We both don't drive so we see each other once or twice a week if we are lucky. I'm no longer allowed at his house because his dad does not approve of me and so now we hang out less often. He just got back from vacation so I understand why he did not text me as often but even before then, we rarely text. We will exchange a few texts a day. I've told him I want to text more and he got hostile! He's making up excuses as to why he can't text and it's annoying me. I want to talk to him but he is making it difficult. We already have a ton of problems and its only 2 months in. I'm not sure what to do, we really love each other but I can't stand this
He does not like to text. He told me that but it's the only way we can communicate. He always talks to me about communicating but he never wants to text. I'm ready to give up


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  • I'm in the exact same place, so I know how hard that is. LDR's take a lot of commitment, and effort on both parts. He needs to be fully committed, no half assing. I think you should ask if this is really what he wants, and he needs to show you. Because without that mutual determination to make it work, then the effort on your part is for nothing.


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