Boyfriend always worried I'm going to łeave him?

The question is pretty self explanatory. I'm always reassuring him that I'm going to stick with him, but often he asks me if I'd ever leave him. He is kinda fearful since the only relationships he's had ended I'm super crappy ways. Last girlfriend screwed 3 guys in one day while dating him, so I can understand his fear. But I've voiced my loyalty and shown it. He was my "first". I show my dedication.
otherwise everything is going well. When we are together our time is spent very nicely. Phones are put away on dates. He's gentlemanly. I feel safe with him, and same goes for him. Our dates are spent mostly outside together and they're very romantic. How else can I show him that I'm taking our relationship seriously so he doesn't worry? I know time is a serious testament to sincerity for sure... But besides that, what can I do to reassure him?


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What Guys Said 1

  • His previous girlfriend was such a whore!!
    Obviously that left some scars in his heart...

    Ok anyways just keep on assuring him... and w

    • * Ok anyways just keep on assuring him... and with time he will see that you are not gonna leave him.. or cheat on him!!!😊

What Girls Said 1

  • All you can do is be patient with him, maintain open communication and continue to show you care for him through your actions. But the rest is up to him.


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