Is this a good ending to a first meet a girl date?

I recently went on a first 'meet a girl' date. we spent 2 hours just talking and getting to know each other. We mutually enjoyed each others company and have talked several times since.

Anyhow, When it was time to go our separate ways, I told her I had a gift for her. I gave her a keychain mace dispenser.. She was surprised at the gift. and put it on her key chain then put her keys away.
I told her I wasn't going to kiss her goodnight. it was, afterall, only a meet each other get together. But instead I could do something else. She looked at me quizzically... I reached my hand out and said I would shake her hand. She laughed... and said... sure! Then I kissed the back of her fingers. and briefly held her hand. She placed her other hand over mine and rubbing her thumb over the back of my hand.
Tell me, am I on the right track with this girl. Wow... She's gorgeous!!


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  • Keychain mace dispenser... wait what the fuck?

    • Yup... I told her I am protective of those I love and care about.

  • Sounds well played. Doing unexpected things rather than boring bye hi keeps things fresh and interesting.


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