Whats the next step after hitting a wall with ex?

I am distraught. We had a great connection for about a year, dated for three months then he broke it off and we haven't seen each other in 7 months (since the breakup) but we still talked. Still had that connection but now there's nothing to say to each other. I am so sad. He was my first boyfriend. I am back in my hometown where I have no friends at all. I really don't know what to do next.

i knew this was bound to happen. does this mean that we are done for good where there was a little hope?

what can I do to feel better about moving on?


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  • First boyfriends can be hard to let go of for some I guess. You've been done for good the first minute he broke up with you months ago you was just hurt and in denial. Since your getting a very late start in the healing process it will hurt just as much as before for a while but then you will start to feel better and get back out in the dating world again and find someone new.

    • I guess I didn't really think we were done for good. Thought our connection was the first of its kind. That's what he said anyway. I just don't know where to from here

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  • I'm in the same boat
    and I'm just focusing on myself, my goals, my hobbies, my friends
    He was amazing, but didn't seem to love me for who I was, so I know that there is someone more amazing out there

    • U have something ahead of you. High school, college and so forth. a lot can happen still. Keep the faith!

    • I'm still feeling a bit down at times, but when I start using my head instead of thinking with my heart, I feel better instantly

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  • You need to move on and let him go


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  • Its always the guys.. Shessh. You need to find new friends.

    • Always the guys? What do u mean?

      I completed my degree last year I was in college for 4 years. I'm working in my hometown away from my college friends and all those amazing connections I've made with people. I've been here about 4 months. I feel no connection to anyone. Im either on the couch or in my bed on weekends or I go shopping and have lunch alone.

      I feel lost in adulthood and lost without him. I feel like our connection was unique but I guess everyone does. Don't even know where the hell my next boyfriend or friend would come from. I feel like I'm gonna die alone

    • Its always the guys breaking it off

    • Sad truth

  • yes, it probably means you're done for good (could also remove the probably bit).
    what to do to feel better? well, I had to move back to my hometown too, where I don't know anyone. just think of it as a new playground, look at it with fresh eyes, as if it were a place you've never been before. there must be places and things to do there, that you haven't explored yet. even new people you don't know yet. life doesn't stop after the first boyfriend.. ;)


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