How do you deal with losing the one you love to someone else?

And having faith in finding someone else you love just as much? Especially if they were your first, and they cheated on you. 4 months later she's still with the guy. I've been sexually active, but i haven't found anyone better than her. It hurts like a bitch.


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  • don't be looking about it like sex. look for something on an emotional level. looking for good sex isn't as easy as actualy finding something you can connect with mentally. maybe you're not ready to move on yet. sometimes it takes a while. dont worry about who she's with and what she's doing. just do you, and try and make yourself happy

    • But knowing the person i used to sleep next to everyday, sleeping next to someone else and being happy doing it, makes me sick. Its hard to move on whenever those thoughts are in my head all the time. I still dream about her, and i still, for some reason, want her back. Even though she cheated on me multiple times, and has also cheated on her current boyfriend, WITH ME. Multiple times.

    • i get what you mean. i was in a 3 year relationship and had a bit of a hard time not htinking about him with someone else... its not easy.
      but you just gotta try and move forward. you deserve to be happy, not hurting and thinking about the past.

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  • I just go on, if she was really worth it she'd wouldn't have cheated. Keep looking, you'll find someone else who deserves you.


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  • There's nothing more painful than seeing someone who used to love you... love someone else. I can totally relate to how you must feel.

    I don't think there is any instant remedy. If she is still with him then she is obviously happy with him so as hard as it may be, you have to put her happiness above your own pain. Only that will set you free from the emotional pain. Try not to lose yourself to someone who didn't care about losing you.


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