Why won't he make a move?

I have this guy friend in town visiting who I have developed a small crush on. I like him because we get a long well, have similar interests and he's just an attractive and all round nice guy.
I've seen him most evenings on his short visit, he always pays for dinner and we always hang out alone. I thought tonight he'd finally make a move - but nope, nothing !!
There was two huge opportunities but he did nothing! First we were sitting all alone at the pier and it was quiet and pretty. Second we watched a movie alone in a dark room but still nothing :( he sat next to me but sat still with his arms crossed. Then was like okay it's late time to go home ! :(
am I missing something? I try to sit near him and make eye contact and playfully poke him a bit.. Is he really just not interested?
i only have one more evening to see him and it's getting frustrating! I don't wanna hit on him because I heard from a good source that he's sick of crazy girls throwing themselves at him and assume they're dating (yes it does happen to him and no he's not full of himself) and I don't wanna be another of those girls...


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  • he likes you as a friend, i am sorry to be brutal and honest. But probably he thinks you have a good character but are not his type phisically

    • Yeah you're probably right.

    • but, i wouldn't give up totally, keep him as a friend and go chasing after other boys. if nothing happens, nothing is lost, if he kisses you someday, better for you ;)

  • Hitting on someone isn't throwing yourself


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