How to know when it is more than sex?

We hang out and do things during the day on the weekends, go to dinner and what not. But how do you know when it is more than just for sex? He remembers things I like sometimes. But also has bad manners of asking me how much I weigh and what not.


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  • Nowadays hookups require more than just sex, otherwise the girl is gonna realize it's just a hookup. Gotta keep that resource available at all times, but it needs more effort

    • That's shitty and so untrue. There are lots of women out there looking to hookup and you should both be on the same page. Stringing someone along for months telling them it is something more is sadistic.

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    • In my mind there is no difference between a hook up and get to played.

      If the guy says I love you baby and is playing her than that's on him.

    • Hookup = mutual. That's the difference.

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