What do you think of this girl?

The girl in my profile pic.

If you click on my nickname you can click on the photo and enlarge it !
more opinions?


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  • She looks 14 but she looks cute and innocent haha. And kinda out-going.

    • she was 17

    • She looks younger though.

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  • can see much from that picture but she looks good, is she your girlfriend?

    • no, she led me on when I was 16 -_-

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    • lead you on? like she used to hit on you?

    • to lead on means to fake romantic interest

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  • I think she's really small.

    • it's only a small picture, she was 5'9

    • I don't know... She seems about as large as my thumb. And being that she is the size of my thumb, it is relatively hard to give an opinion on her looks given that I am amazed that a human being the size of my thumb is really possible; I mean, I've dreamt of this day for 9 years! Bwahaha! On a serious note, she should get some new shoes.

    • haha, I didn't have it in another size. the shoes are awful !

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