How does this girl feel about me?

I met this girl where I work. Whenever she passes me going the other way she waves, usually she sees me first, as if looking out for me. Few weeks ago she was parked at a bus stop and I was coming towards her and as I checked my right mirror I noticed her waving at me, but in a slow, meaningful wave with a caring look.

A couple of weeks ago we bumped into each other at our buses destination and she said "hi how are you" and asked me how my disciplinary meeting went and when would I be getting transferred to her depot. She would then talk about her getting into trouble for speeding by management. She said she was running and late and needed to use the toilet and had better go. We were talking for about 5 mins. I left to go outside and she then came out after using the toilet and on passing me to get into her bus said she had bad hay fever, again starting the conversation.

So few days ago she was coming towards me on her bus and she puffed her hair up but acted like she didn't see me and ignored me, so I thought id do the same when I sae her again. So yesterday we both pulled up at bus stops on other side of road from each other and she looked to see who was driving my bus and saw it was me and waved. I looked at her but ignored her. So she waved again and again I kept looking but ignored her. She then looked puzzled and waved again and I smile laughed because she kept trying and she then had a happy face and drove off.


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  • she might be interested.


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  • Dude fuck the games and just ask her out to answer your curiosity


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