What race of guys start with a natural advantage when it comes to dating? What race of guys start with a natural disadvantage?

And also why do they start with a natural advantage? and why do the the ones that start with a natural disadvantage start with a natural disadvantage?

Lol!! I live for these kinds of uncomfortable questions


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  • White guys are usually at an advantage and then all the other guys are at a disadvantage. Yay racism :/

    It's a shame honestly. There are so many cool people out there that it's silly to say they're not enough just because of the color of their skin.

    • Why so?

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    • Do you believe that... "dude"?

    • It's an unfortunate sentiment in our society right now. I don't believe it personally though. Dating is hard enough without worrying about skin color.

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  • White men get an advantage, Asians are probably the most disadvantaged but that's here in America things are much different in other parts of the world


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  • It kinda depends on the country, like im some cultures certain features are mire praised than in others. I'd say short guys of any race are at the biggest disadvantage. Also having shitty facial bone structure is a disadvantage regardless of race.

    In America I'd say maybe Asian guys are at a disadvantage since they are often shorter, slimmer and more feminine in appearance. Also maybe Indian guys, I rarely see girls lust after Indian guys. I want to say white guys are generally the most advantaged but I've heard girls like "tall -dark/tan- and handsome so maybe not pale white guys. I think black guys are hurt more by social stereotypes than their appearance.

  • You again.

  • From white to indian

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