Can't get a bf? why?

After splitting up with my ex i seem can't get a guy.. i am not particulary looking, however i do put myself out there, if you know what i mean.. i dont do dating and dont sit on those sits as think they are complete peace of crap. have no time for dating.. feel its pointless and too tramaumatising at times.

i am a good looking girl, not fat etc. dress nice.. however guys seems to just chat.. i never know whether they like me or not.. however manage to hear an odd thing from my friends who say they do but never make a move. strange why?


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  • "i am not particulary looking"
    "i dont do dating"
    "have no time for dating"

    Maybe that's why you can't find a guy.

    • first i dont do dating as i tried and its pointless.. waste of time. second: i have no time as i have busy work and social life. third: i am not looking because it is not my job to worry and search for a guy days and night/24/7 pointless activity... i would rather go cinema or read a book

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    • So you think that just having a social life is enough to get you a boyfriend, or even a quality boyfriend? Lady, you must've been living under a rock your entire life because you're oh so wrong.

    • Yes it is enough.. i think you been.. u am out there.. so whoever wants can talk to me and chat. I told you its nit my job to look for a guy.. guy should be making there intentions by contacting me and attempts to chat am not there to jump on guys in desperation because I am not. Yes, being social is, one step. Otherwise how guys, know you excist?

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  • You're probz to, hot and other guys are like whoa whoa she's out of my league

  • Well if you're willing to wait a week I'll be 18 and you can have me!


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