I'm in love with a foreigner?

It's kinda crazy. I never thought I would be with a foreigner (I'm not racist or discriminating but the idea is just new and crazy to me). He's an international student (I believe. I know nothing about immigration lol). We've been together for over a year and I love this person so much. Call me crazy but if things work out I would like to marry him. I have no idea what I'm getting myself into because all his family are in his country if we get married what would happen? I don't know. What am I doing what do I do now? I don't wanna leave him. I want him forever. What can I do to make things work out?


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  • I'm a foreigner and I don't see why you're so worried about this, I don't understand where your concern comes from.
    If you get married you get married, you don't have to move to another country.
    All my family lives in another country, but I wanna stay in the US forever, so if I get married I'm gonna stay here, and the wedding will be celebrated here, all my family will be invited, and if they don't wanna come cause it's too far, well, not my problem.

    But like I said, I don't understand your concern.

    • My concern is all my family is in the US and all his family is in another country super far from here. If we were to get married where will we live now then? I don't want a long distance marriage when I live here and he lives there that's just super odd. And I don't want to leave to another country. How can he stay here if all his family, mom and dad, and siblings are all over there?

    • Have you asked him where he wants to live in the future?
      It doesn't matter where his family is, it only matters what he wants in life and what will make him happy.
      I put myself as an example again: All my family lives in Spain, but I'm in the US right now, alone, and my plan is to stay in America forever, why? Because I love the US and I see myself being happy in America, not in Spain. I don't care where all my family lives, what only matters is my happiness. Yes, it's selfish, but it is what it is. I rather be alone in a different country, but happy, than with my family and depressed.
      If you guys get married he's gonna be with you, he's not gonna go to another country leaving you here. But maybe he plans on you moving with him, that's something you have to talk about, what's for sure is that he's not gonna get married and then leave you.

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  • Communication is key. Talk to him about it. Discuss your concerns. He is the best person to talk to about your worries, because he is in the same boat!

    • Well we're both lost we don't have an idea what we're doing and what will happen next.

    • You guys have to seriously think of every option. Sit down and write out all he possible choices, then discuss the pros and cons of each choice and note them down. Think about missing family, ability to work in either county, what would happen if you broke up, etc. That should help some.

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  • I don't really see why you're worried about this. I know a lot of foreign exchange students that were at the school that I graduated from and they married people from the school. They just either moved here or to where they were from (or somewhere else entirely).

    • After they get married where are they gonna stay? I'm not gonna have a long distance marriage lol, and I can't imagine myself moving to another country either :/

    • They decide that, themselves. Do you want to move with him, him to stay with you, or both of you move somewhere completely different? That's something you would have to talk to him about.
      Then you should let him know how you would feel about it and that you'd rather stay in your country.

  • Why not talk to him about it? Think that would be the best thing to do. If you've been with him for a year, you should be able to talk about it.

    • I tried but we're both lost...

    • Hmmmm, it's complicated if he doesn't want to stay where you are and you don't want to move back with him. All you can really do is try to figure it out together. I doubt anyone in here can give you the solution.

  • If you get married you go with him to his country.

    • How about my family then?

    • Take them with you!

    • I'm sure they wanna stay in the US.

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