Met a guy while travelling.. can't stop thinking about him! What do I do?

So I met a guy.. a really lovely guy. Problem is I met him while travelling and we live with an ocean between us.
We've been chatting pretty constantly on facebook ever since (this was a few weeks ago) but the fact is we were only together in person maybe 24 hours.
He told me he felt a spark and would absolutely love to see me again and I feel the same way but with both of us going back to school this fall it wouldn't be for a while. Soonest would be Christmas. I have no idea what to do.. cut my losses now and accept that clearly fate hasn't dealt us the right cards or keep doing what we're doing and see what happens?
I'm embarassed by how much I like this guy - I barely even know him! He also said he was surprised by how much he misses me and wants to see me again considering we barely know each other.
Basically, I guess I'm wondering.. what would you guys do in this situation?

I'm glad you're all saying to give it a shot! that's definitely what I intend to do then :)


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  • Give it a shot ! It's an adventure , you only live once ! Go for it ! Who knows how many great things will happen?


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  • try being friends with him for a while (until you meet up again or what have you)
    if it's ment to be more than friends, the friendship will build an ace foundation ^_^
    if it's not... then you have a good mate out of it

    but yeah, focus on being mates and see what happens

    • we tend to be flirty in our messages though.. should I try to cool it with that?

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    • alright. thanks. I think for now I'll juskeep doing as we're doing and see from there.

      thanks :)

    • best of luck ^_^

  • I would give it a shot, definitely.

  • Keep chatting.


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  • keep doing what u doing and see what happen


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