Should I choose between my ex or a new guy I just met?

Ex: tall, we still friends, still have feelings, funny
new guy: a bit shorter than me, funny, attractice, easy to talk to, gentlemen
both: live in a diff. coutry, interesting

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The come back every month bc its not that apart. like we live in the same island but diff. country lol
I'm going on a date with the new guy and I don't know what to do


Most Helpful Guy

  • They both live in a different country, and you're underage, which means that relationship will mean nothing.
    Go find a guy you really like that lives in your same city so you can spend time together.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Take da new guy.
    You broke up with your ex for a reason... what was it though

    • because he "couldn't deal with love" and doesn't want a girlfriend. but then again everyday he tells me i love u

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    • I'm sorry though... but if he doesn't want to be serious, he's useless in regards of a relationship, you know that too...
      You want a man who takes things more serious

    • Give the new guy a chance

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What Guys Said 2

  • Your ex should ALWAYS be out of the picture. He's your EX!

  • Why did height even come into this?

    • Because people usually don't see girls dating shorter guys but it doesn't matter to me I was just saying that.

    • If you don't care about it, then why bring it up?

What Girls Said 3

  • Admittedly I've never been in a relationship so I'm probably not the best person to answer this question but I think when people break up there's always a reason to it so if I was you I wouldn't go back to the past but strive for new horizons

  • Always remember... he's your ex for a reason. I had "feelings" for my ex after we broke up, but not the right ones.

    • yeah But I have the same feelings for him but less. like I love him but not as much so Im in conflicted with myself

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    • how can you tell?

    • How can I tell what? I mean honestly, I guess it depends on your definition of love, if that's what you're asking.

  • Your ex is an ex for a reason. Usually best not to go back to an ex.


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