Lie or tell the truth?

I've met this guy at a party and we could get on well with each other and kissed blabla. But we also started talking and we are going to hang out soon. But he lives somewhere like 45 minutes with the train away from me. He asked if I wanted to sleepover and I really really want to because I really like him. The problem is that he's 24 and I'm 17 and I don't dare telling the truth to my parents... So shouldn't I lie about it so I can stay there for just 1 day or do you guys know some good lies so I can sleep there and there won't be any troubles...


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  • thing is one lie is easy but how you gonna cover more than one trip if it becomes regular

    • So I should just say I'm going to hangout with a guy who's 24..

    • i know its difficult, but as mentioned below he will have sex on his mind, you could knock a couple years off his age and see what happens rather than go for the out and out cover up job

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  • You only met this guy a party and already want to sleep over? Not a good idea


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  • Um okay, reality check here. He only wants you for one reason, sex.


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