Question for all you Christian couple?

So both my girlfriend and I are Christian. We were thinking of going on a weekend trip to Branson. But since we aren't married. We didn't know if it was right to stay in the same room or get different room. What do you guys do? We both wouldn't do anything till marriage.


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  • I'm a Christian and thought I wouldn't do anything until marriage either. That lasted until about age 26.

    Obviously, keeping yourself away from situations where you would be tempted is the best way. Just because you have separate rooms, doesn't block the temptations... considering after a romantic dinner, it's as easy as one of you following the other back into his/her room. What about going with friends? The purpose of going on a weekend/getaway is for the purposes of growing closer as a couple... but usually for more intimate purposes.

    • That's a good idea. With friends how do you do sleeping arrangements

    • Well... with friends... girls in one room and guys in another.

    • We were just trying to keep it cheep. But that could work. Thanks

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