Guys and girls, how many of you genuinely use dating sites to find a date?

Please be honest here, go anon if you're too nervous... how many of you use dating sites to find a date? How many of you use them just for validation?

  • I want to find someone
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  • I do it for validation and/or to get my ego stroked.
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  • Other reason. Please explain!
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  • lool ego to be honest


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  • I've tried them... it's mostly given me a new perspective of how bad the dating scene is in my area. (You know you are in a good region when every third woman's description includes a phrase like "fuck off if you are a girly fag I want a real man" or "no blacks" (especially when your area is 99+% white)).

    Met a nice girl on one site though. Lasted a year. Unfortunatly I think dating sites are so full of people who are either undatable, or only looking for an ego stroke, that they aren't worth using. Or perhaps that's just round here.


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  • I'd probably use it to find someone and if I'm too lazy ;)


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