Reasons why girls delay replying to a guy they like?

so assuming my ex is still into me. all the signs suggest she is altough she is the one that broke up with me ( said she needed time) however... she sends me texts first, comments on my fb and instagram, and said she misses me and pretty much says she wants to see me again and wants to be in my bed... she said she's had time to think and can't belive she didn't make more of the time we had.. anyway I suggest meeting up and she said yeah maybe next week and askes how Im doing and loads of other questions which to me says she wants a reply... I reply saying what day you thinking next week? told her I was really good and asked about her so my text requires a reply.. As of yet I've had no reply, 4 days on. she's always been pretty slow at texting back and a day or two delay is not unusual, but is there more to this? is there somesort of female mind games going on? maybe she doesn't want to seem desperate given that she wanted a break, or maybe she's just waiting to know what day she can do... or I guess she could just be seeking attention and nothing else? thoughts?


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  • paying hard to get.


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