She has a boyfriend but flirts with me?

I met this girl back in May/June 2009 of this year. We would constantly email each other everyday to the point where we started flirting sending each other messages and telling her what I was going to do to her. Kiss her, nibble on her, you know sexual things and she was responding back quite well. So after that I decided to move this in another direction and ask her out. Somehow every time I'd ask her out she would say, but at last minute would cancel on me, so I basically just gave up and stopped talking to her. So about a two months later I ran into her at a show (please note I do play in a band) So I see her at the show and introduced me to her bf. I said hello and that's it. Anyways, so every time I'd see her at a show I'd see her at the shows say 'hi' and that's it. So about a month ago I ran into her in front of her boyfriend asks me to give her a call sometime cause she lost my number. She offered her number but I told her I'd call her and still have it. Well I never called her till about two weeks later. We started talking again like old times so I invited her to my show. So Saturday comes and she texts me that she wasn't gonna be able to make the show cause she didn't have a ride (mind that she does have a car) So I took advantage of the situation and perhaps that was my chance to go out with her and offered a ride. So she agreed and I picked her up. (mind she lives about an 1hr and 20mins from my house) So I picked her up at her place and took her to my show. We did hold hands in the car and were basically acting like a couple. When we got to the show everyone thought she was my gf. haha Anyways, we had such a great time that day I holded her by the waist and even when we were outside the venue (since it was rainy that day) I had her under my umbrella. he he I did hold her hugged her close to me was trying to kiss her, but she said 'what are you doing?' I just told her I was 'trying to seduce her' ha ha but anyways I did kiss her chick and a bit below the neck but when she asked again what I was doing I stopped. anyways, so afterwards we head to the bar & had a good time with my friends. while we talked she told me that her bodyguard said 'hi' mind it was the boyfriend I met before at one of the shows...why would she say bodyguard instead of bf? also I did notice her flirting with my guy friends..hmm. ..anyways, so I took her home we hold hands again. When I dropped her off we just said our goodbyes. She looked at me I looked at her eye contact for bout 4 or 5 seconds and did NOTHING. lol she told me she'd go to my other show the next day. Next day she went to my other show and we went to eat afterwards. We were at a restaurant and while there were four chairs she decided to sit next to me while her sister was in front of us. So I'd just tease her, touch her, caress her leg, let me nibble on her shoulder etc. blah blah anyways we said our goodbyes. My question is DOES THIS GIRL LIKE ME?

Also why did she call him her bodyguard instead of her bf? Was she living me a hint there for an open door? Hmm.. I also need a girls opinion on this.


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  • Yeah she likes you. But be careful, she sounds like the type of girl that likes a lot of boys. If you're looking for something exclusive I think you may be setting yourself up to get hurt.

    • Yea that's what I thought too. So why do you think she told me at the bar hey my 'bodyguard' told me to says 'hi' Mind I have met her boyfriend before and I've shaked his hand, but he introduced me to him a while back in the summer and now calls him 'her bodyguard' a friend of mine told me that's way of showing that she doesn't care about him and living the door open for me. I don't know I'm just confused.

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    • Next time you're hanging out/at dinner/etc just straight up ask her "so what's the deal with your boyfriend/bodyguard?"

    • Yea dude I will ask her. I found out something from my drummer today. After I ate with this girl she headed out to with little sis to pick up the singer @ his house supposedly the little sis was head over heals over him they all headed to a club. At this club was all my bandmatesI'm starting to wonder if the girl I like was flirting with 'one of my bandmates' that was **** blocking me the nite b4 when I brought her :( One of my friends was there but doesn't remember seeing her.