Is it normal to feel like I never want to date again? I'm tired of being hurt. How can I not be bitter towards men?

I met guy Z and he hurt me so bad, I feel like I fall in love and get my feelings hurt he verbally abused me

I try to ask myself why do I fall in love with men who end up hurting me but I just don't know why. I love hard and deep and I give my all. they start off as good guys and out of no where they treat me like shit.
I feel like I been kicked around and pulled apart and bullied and shit on by most men

My guy friend X from 2 years ago who I am no longer friends with I knew him for 4 years I thought he was a good guy too but he pretty much treated me like shit eventually

Im already seeing a therapist about guy Z and at first I was sad but now I'm mad like really mad. I really trusted this guy Z. Before this happened to me I already had trust issues with men and I already had anger issues way before this happened to me


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What Guys Said 1

  • This is normal but not okay. You had trust in someone and they just throw it out, you are going to be upset, these guys are dicks for throwing away trust. I want you to know that not everyone is like that. If want someone to talk to you can always message me.


What Girls Said 2

  • It's completely normal. No one likes getting hurt all the time from a guy and relationships. All I can say is, take a break from dating.

    • I doing that and then when I end up dating again I meet an asshole who starts off respectful at first but then he goes all crazy on me out of the blue

    • That's exactly how my ex was; super nice then he started being mean and rude. Before you date someone new, take the time to get to know him. I know some people can change after you start dating them but that's part of the risk, I guess.

  • its normal but it will go away in time.

    • I'm always angry most of the time

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