Girls, With guys you drifted apart from, no drama involved... Would you blatantly ignore them to gain their attention?

I think, if you don't care, you would still be polite yeah? Unless your feeling were hurt maybe

  • yes ignore
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  • no, never ignore to gain attention
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  • childish games
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  • My guy went totally cold on me for no reason, so now im playing him at his own game. Its childish ans stupid BUT a woman needs to feel desired, and she has to set a level of ehat she will and won't accept in her rship. For me, im oaying no attention until he comes correct. If not, i go. Harsh, i know. But i have too much self worth to stay in something unfulfilling


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  • That's so incredibly immature and illogical. How does that even work? "I'm not talking to you because I want you to pay attention to me." They'll just think you're nuts and move on.

  • Absolutely, I've done it before and I'm doing it now.

    • Thanks, I have fallen into a weird situation with a 20 yo, just trying to wrap my head around it

    • Yeah as women we want to be pursued by our guy so she just wants some effort out of you, and probably an apology

  • Vote D = I always walk away from all dates B4 things get bad or stale.

    I cut any form of contact with them (male & female) purely because I don't believe in ever going backwards in life.

    I am the same re work + work colleagues + platonic friends also

  • yes i would.

    • So... Could be a little feeling there yeah?

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