Why is it never too late to get a girlfriend? I honestly believe if a guy hasn't had a girlfriend by a certain age, he will be too messed up mentally?

and psychologically, socially, etc. Yet people always stubbornly say you have plenty of time, it's never too late, better late than never, ya well guys, men without a dating/relationship history are viewed differently than women without a dating/relationship history, people don't respect guys like that, including women, i think if a guy gets to be like in his late 20's, 30's and older still never, never had a girlfriend, he will be too damaged and insecure beyond fixing, besides, i don't know of any woman that would want to be a guys first girlfriend by his late 20's, 30's or older.

Gosh, i often wonder why did God, Evolution, give Beta Males a sex drive, a drive and desire for sex, companionship, intimacy, etc.
So give me reasons why is it never too late? Have their been any people you know of who did not get their very first bf/gf until their late 20's or their 30's? Because I figure the older you get the harder it gets
why did i get very few answers to this question?
tell me about it, really angers me


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  • You have a point, and I would like to touch on something briefly. It's usually women who say this, but they will never understand because they have a lot of control. For example, a woman can easily choose to be single or easily choose to be in a relationship. For women, getting into a relationship is as easy as dressing nicely and going into a grocery store, and having one or two guys hitting on you. I'm not generalizing, but it's just an example. For a guy, no matter how great you look, you never get approached. The point I'm trying to get here is that you just have to try to approach women by being yourself. Don't be a player, don't follow all of these stupid rules, just be yourself, flirt. and respect yourself. When someone says you have plenty of time, this is what they mean.


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  • Yeah, those guys most likely ARE weird

    I don't believe in your alpha/beta dynamics though...

    • I'm very glad you admit this

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  • I'm a reason. I'm 34, never had a girlfriend. And I always had the hardest time with women.

    But I had a childhood full of angst, no father figure, single mother, feminist values being drilled into me from every angle, and I knew that everything was bullshit.

    Everything I was hearing was the complete opposite of what I was seeing.

    It took 29 years to get the courage to believe in myself, and reach out for people who thought the way I really though, and I found them. It took about three years for me to work my way through "red pill rage," but I did eventually come out of it (not everyone who takes the red pill does).

    Now, I see girls completely differently, and they're even approaching me! And I've got fucked up teeth.

    So many men born in the '80s and '90s are going through exactly this -- and it's probably unprecedented, as such. What they need is to cultivate themselves according to their own expectations, and to be in a place where they are okay with being single for the rest of their lives if need be. They need to know how to set boundaries and roughly where. They need to know how to treat women like the flawed human beings that they are, not like goddesses.

    And for God's sake -- they need to know to NEVER, EVER, ask women for dating advice, unless you want to know exactly what NOT to do (or be).

  • I don't know I think too many people are too over optimistic

    • Yup exactly, life has never been fair and it never will be, not everyone deserves happiness

    • there are times i feel bitter towards women because of this

  • Because society likes to torment people


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